S260 DIY dater Set

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Self inking DIY Dater with a 4 mm date and 2 lines of text.


Sample imprint
2 lines 45 x 24 mm

The DIY self inker combines a 4 mm date with up to 2 lines of self assembly text.

The DIY set contains a set of capital letters and numbers 4 mm high.

In the set  there are several copies of the alphabet and numbers amounting to 300 characters, plus 25 pictograms.

The letters easily slot onto the self inker to create a stamp of an address and contact details. The letters can then also be quickly replaced with tweezers provided to create messages or another address.

The overall size is 24 x 45 mm with up to 2 lines of text and 16 characters per line.

The date is 4 mm high. The inkpad is blue/red, with the text in blue and the date in red.

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S260 DIY dater Set
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