Custom Rubber Stamps

We specialise in custom made rubber and self inking stamps.
  • Self Inking Hand Stamps
  • EOS stamps

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  • Self inking stamps

    Colop Printer Line

    Order our most popular self inking stamps online for up to 50% discount!

  • Rubber Stamps

    Rubber stamps

    Traditional custom rubber stamps used with an inkpad. Laser engraved for the highest detail.

  • Date & Numbering Self Inking Stamps

    Date & Numbering Self Inking Stamps

    Your own text or logo in combination with self inking date or numbers.

  • Pre Ink stamps

    Pre ink stamps

    Colop Pre ink stamps give thousands of prints.
    All sizes from Portable stamps to Extra large stamps.
    Easy and clean re-inking.

  • Green Self inking stamps

    Green Self inking stamps

    The COLOP Green Self inkers are up to 80% recycled plastic.

  • Embossing Presses

    Pocket press

    Embossing Presses for company documents, wedding stationery, bookplates, initials or copyright.

  • Stock Stamps

    Stock Stamps

    Popular texts, daters and numberers and DIY self inking stamps

  • Self inker inkpads

    Self inker inkpads

    Geniune COLOP, Reiner and Trodat replacement self inking pads.

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  1. Printer 30

    Colop Self Inking Printer 30

    Sample Imprint
    5 Lines
    46x17 mm

    This size self inker is one of the most popular address stamps

    - the text area is only 46 x 17 mm for up to 5 lines 

    Lines of text 5
    Size of imprint 46 x 17 mm
    Pad colours
    Excl. Tax: £18.83 Incl. Tax: £22.60
  2. COLOP-Printer-Q12

    Loyalty self inker

    Sample Imprint
    2 Lines
    11x11 mm

    Ideal for loyalty cards. The ink is suitable for matt card.

     - the print area is only 11 x11 mm


    Lines of text 2
    Size of imprint 11 x 11 mm
    Pad colours
    Excl. Tax: £12.42 Incl. Tax: £14.90

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2 Item(s)