2400 Microban DIY Set

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Self assembly Heavy duty Self-inking metal framed stamp for constant daily use.

The overall size is 27 x 58 mm with up to 6 lines of text and 26 characters per line.

Sample Imprint
6 Lines
27x58 mm
Lines of text 6
Size of imprint 27 x 58 mm

The heavy duty self inker has been developed for frequent and repetitive daily use in the office.

The letters easily slot onto the self inker to create a stamp of an address and contact details. The letters can then also be quickly replaced with tweezers provided to create messages or another address.

The overall size is 58 x 27 mm with up to 6 lines of text and 26 characters per line.

The DIY set contains two sets of letters in different sizes:

3 mm high letters in upper case, and numbers.

4 mm high letters in upper case, and numbers.

For each set there are several copies of the alphabet and numbers amounting to 250 characters in each set.

Microban antibacterial protection is built into the plastic which will inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria. 

Supplied with black ink, but replacement inkpads (Code E/2600) can be bought in red, blue, green or violet.

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