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Self inking stamps

Standard Self inkers
Standard Self inkers

A multi-purpose plastic self-inker for daily use.

These self inkers are the most popular ones for office use.

Order our most popular sizes online for up to 50% discount

Your custom design is included in the price.

Pocket Stamp
Pocket Stamp

The mobile way of stamping. 

Ideal for NHS staff and people on the move, these pocket stamps will easily fit into your pocket or bag, or attach to a keyring. 

Circular stamps also available for company stamps.

Metal Self inkers
Metal Self inkers

The Colop range of self-inking stamps with a metal frame was developed for the frequent and repetitive use in the office or packing department.

The metal self-inking stamps produce thousands of impressions before replacement ink pads are required.

Date & Numbering Self Inking Stamps
Date & Numbering Self Inking Stamps

Your own text or logo in combination with self inking date or numbers.

The cost of your custom design is included in the price.

Easily design either round or rectangle self inking daters.

Heavy duty metal framed self inkers also available. 

Green Self inkers
Green Self inkers

The COLOP Green Self inkers are up to 80% recycled plastic.

They produce thousands of impressions before a replacement ink pad is required.

Our prices even include your custom made design.

Hand stamps

Self-inking Hand Stamps are ideal for door entry control for Clubs, Festivals, Concerts and other types of events.

Self inking stamps use a non toxic water based ink which will make 1000s of impressions before replacement ink-pads are required.

Our prices include the cost of your own custom made design, available in a selection of ink colours.

Order before 12 noon - for dispatch the same working day!

Microban Self inkers
Microban Self inkers

Self inking Stamps with anti bacterial protection.

Microban antibacterial protection is built into the plastic which will inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria. 

Microban self inkers are best for hospitals or any work enviroment where it is possible that stamps are handled by different users or come into contact with infected surfaces.

Office Line
Office Line

The lighter weight and economic alternative to the Classic Metal framed Self Inkers.

Ideal for use in the office.

With a selection of ink colours available, they produce thousands of impressions before a replacement ink pad is needed.

Your custom design is included in the price.

Royal Mail PPI stamps

 Royal Mail PPI self inking stamps.

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Size of imprint: 46 x 17 mm
Shape of imprint: rectangular
Number of lines: 5

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